Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dang is this a mess!

Daniel probably could not wait for us to leave and take all our stuff...
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Gordie got the big one!

I am not talking about me either!!
Father and son out for a day of fishing.
20 trout oh yeah dinner was great!
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Angel Cell Phone Charm!

8 mm clear AB Swarovske cyrstal tear drop top drilled , 6mm round rondell for the halo. 6mm round cyrstal for head. suggested price $10. Sterling silver 2 inch head pin. Cell phone loop. I don't know what size the wings are.
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Daniel's place!


Spam and egg omelet. This is Daniel's everyday breakfast!
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Daniel the chef!!!

Oh yeah an awesome dinner at Daniel's restaurant in Riverside, CA
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Yes, it is all about food!

Hot pastrami sandwich at Salton Sea, CA
2 picture - Thai Chili by Cathy Robnik
3rd - sashimi by PineApple Joe's.
4th picture - escargo stuffed mushrooms by Daniel
5th " - creme brulee by Daniel
6th " - breakfast casserole by Dorothy
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Friday, February 22, 2008

The hostess with the mostest!

Dorothy and Chuck had a Boomer brunch. What fun and everyone brought really good dishes.
Thanks, Dorothy.
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A Yuma Sunset is hard to beat!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chyrisa now has a blog

Dinner and Beading!

The perfect meal, a turkey dinner with all the fixins. It was so good.
Then later what else is there to do but bead. I have been able to learn some new stuff and make some gorgeous bracelets.

Gordon, Debbie, Dorothy, Richard and Janet.
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Red Hat Brunch!

I was very happy to be included in the Red Hat brunch. The ladies are all so different and fun. A really nice group. We had lunch at the Garden Cafe in Old Town Yuma. I highly recommend this restaurant.
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Beading at Dorothy's!

Dorothy is the perfect hostess in every way. But right now I just have to
brag about her beading class. Most of these ladies never beaded before. But when they left they all had a beautiful bracelet for the Red Hat brunch for the next day. A BIG THANKS TO DOROTHY.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008


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Foothills of Yuma, Arizona!

We really love it here in Yuma. If the weather was good all year around I would love to live here. But as we are not getting younger we are pretty sure we will end up in the San Diego area where the weather is great all year around. But I am enjoying all the flowers and all the unique ways people are fixing up there lots. Looks like you can have lots of choices of how to fix up your lot.
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Fun with the Crutchers!

We had a really nice time at Debbie and Larry's house in the foothills in Yuma where they call home for several months. Larry is the only person we trust with getting and maintaining our batteries and solar panels.

We are playing bocci ball. A first for us.

Debbie fixed us a wonderful dinner. Debbie really knows how to put a great meal together.

Dorothy, Chuck, Gordon, Larry & Debbie.
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Valentines Day!

This is Janet and Richard, us, then me, Dorothy and Janet at a Valentine's Day dinner and dance. We had a good steak dinner and danced til we closed the place a 9:30PM. Funny huh?
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dr. Raul Haro

I got back to the dentist on Wednesday and I got my new crown. It looks good and feels good.

While I was there I asked Dr. Raul if he could replace my front tooth that does NOT match my other teeth and how much would it cost? He said sure, so he put me back in the chair yanked out the 27 year old non matching tooth, made me a temporary and said come back on Wednesday. So I am so excited about my new tooth I will be getting next Thursday. $200 was the cost.....

Dr. Raul Haro is my new dentist. He is located at 153 Alamo Alley Between A and B Streets.
phone numer 01152 (658)517-3210 Located in Los Algodones, B.C. Mexico

Monday, February 11, 2008

A dental trip to Algodones, Mexico today!

We took a trip to Algodones where one can afford a dental visit. In San Francisco my dentist said "pull that tooth", well the tooth was cracked and a piece broke off about a month ago. We decided to wait and see if it could be saved. AND YES DR. RAUL HARO, put a temporary tooth today and will be putting a crown on Wednesday for $180. Two visits in two days. He was so good and no pain or discomfort at all.

Do you want to see all our cruise pictures???

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Boomers!

We are the Boomers! We had a ball together. I love us. I think there were about 40 couples who attended the cruise. It was soooooo fun!!!
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An art show on board!

I was very surprised at the amount of art work they were selling on board. The prices were really reduced. They had Kincad's and Picaso. I stuck around for a chance to win a free piece of art. They gave fife big really nice pictures away. I did not get one.
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The shows on board!

We enjoyed the shows on the ship. They were good dancers and talented singers.
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Drive a boat??

OK we will give it a try. Leaving Cabo San Lucas heading for the Elation Ship.
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The women in black!!

Me, Carol, (Bea's daughter) Bea, Lana, (my sister) and Mirah (Lana's daughter) All dressed up and having a ball at the Captains Dinner.
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