Friday, August 31, 2007


My wonderful garage sale find. I am planning to sale these on Craigslist BUT I am sure I should keep a few!!!

California Grammy

Please send me your email address???

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lunch with Gordon's Post Office Friends

We had a wonderful afternoon with Gordon (& my) friends from our other world. Evelyn on the left retired with Gordon but Sharon (who took us all out to lunch) and Jane are still working at the post office. Thank you Sharon for a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sunday we honored our youngest son Garrick!

Do you know of any family that has
done this?????

Wil (Laura's son) thought that we should have a family bbq and honor Garrick (Gordon's son) for being such a good brother and always helping everyone. We all wrote up a little something about why Garrick is so wonderful and then we paid him with some money to help with his college books etc. He was very surprise. IT WAS ONE OF MY BEST DAYS EVER! We sure do love you, Garrick!
Garrick is in the middle in the stripe shirt.

Just a few !!!!

Just a few of the 33 pairs of shoes I bought this weekend!!!

Home to unload then back out again!

We came home had lunch unloaded
the truck and went out again.
I got 33 pairs of shoes. Juanita got a
lot of stuff too.

Now that I am back home!

I have to do some back tracking. Here is my friend, Juanita and me ready for garageing this last weekend.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I did it and it was not FUN!

Today is Tuesday and the colonoscopy is over. YEAH! There was nothing to it. I fell asleep through the whole thing. I am still at my friends house in our motorhome. I will be going home to SF tomorrow. I love being here but I miss our house too. I am getting the garden together and I cannot do it from here.

I cannot wait to get home to update my pictures for the blog. You will just die when you see all the stuff we bought.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Garage Sales!!! The Whole Town Does It??

I am not at home in SF for a few days. Our son is house sitting while we are in Union City at our friends house until after my doctor appointment.

We were up early and stayed all day. I bought some of the most FABULOUS things.
A oval guilded mirror, lots of stuff for my new garden/backyard I am working on. A new outfit for $1 for my 60th birthday cruise in 08 , 5 additional chairs for my dining room table, a gorgeous 8 x 10 rug for my bedroom in the exact colors I wanted. BUT THE BEST PRIZE OF ALL WAS
16 PAIRS OF BRAND NEW HIGH HEELS. I cannot wait to put it on my blog but I forgot to bring the card reader that I need to upload the pictures. So I will do that on Tuesday or Wednesday when I get home. Sorry!!

We are going today too, Sunday. It is a two day affair. I am having a ball!! I have waited years to be here again at this time of the year.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A colonocospy!!!!

This does not sound like fun. Gordon just had one done about a month ago. Now it is my turn. I am glad to have this done since our family is high risk. I am glad we good health care and can have this procedure done for very low cost. Let you know how it goes.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A veiw from the top!

I love living here and I have really enjoyed the beauty of our city!

That is us in the middle!

This is looking from Corona Heights to our house!!!

Corona Heights!

This is the hill directly in front of us. (from our house)

A view of the hill from our living room!

Many of our guests asked us what hill
is that and we did not know. So the next day after the party we walked about 3 miles to the hill.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thank You Mary for this true poem you did for us!

A Poem For Laura & Gordon’s 25th Anniversary

Gordon & Laura are a special pair.
They’ve had lots of love in the life they share.
They met at a party on New Year’s Eve.
Been together since then, would you believe?
Gordon was tall, handsome and smart.
Laura’s no dummy, so she gave him her heart.
Laura had three kids and Gordon had five.
Their blended household was busy as a beehive.
All but one of the kids was a boy,
Now they have eight grandsons to fill them with joy.
Of course, they hit some bumps in the road,
Together they worked, sharing the load.
One of the problems was with alcohol.
Now they’re grateful that they gave up all.
They bought a big house in a very nice place,
San Francisco, a city with grace.
They rented it out and bought some RV’s
They joined a club and became Escapees.
Laura was crafty and bought lots of beads,
The RV was filled with all the colors she needs.
Gordon loved crabbing and fishing and such,
Even when he and the guys didn’t catch much.
They made tons of friends and saw many a sight
Traveling our country filled them with delight.
Now they gave it up to renovate the house,
But their dreams of travel they have not had to douse.
Cause once they sell it they will again hit the road,
In a new RV and pulling a toad.
They will be happy to once again be on their way
To having more adventures, day after day.
Twenty five years together is quite a feat.
But they pulled it off, and that’s pretty neat.
So Laura and Gordon, here’s what we want to say,
On August 11, a celebratory day:
We wish you the best on this very special date,
Cause as a couple we think you’re really great!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


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Deserie danced the hula for us!

This is my sons half sister who came and danced for us.
She was so pretty and danced so well. She was a huge hit.
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Gordon, Amar, Kevin, me, Shelly (Amar's niece) grandsons
Derek and Dylan.
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More family

Brent, Miriam and us.

Part of my awesome family

Two more!

Yes, this is Eddie and Juanita. We are all good friends.

The old gang gets together again!

Garrick, Kadar, Wil, Butch, Tina and Junior. These boys have been friends for along time, so glad they could get together again.

My cousin and his family!

Ben, Matt, Elena, Lollie and us. Matt is my cousin, orginally from New York. We found them in San Angelo, Texas, then in Ventura, CA, then in Fort Collins, CO and now we tracked them down in Fulton, CA. MATT YOU CAN RUN BUT WE WILL TRACK YOU DOWN!
Thanks for coming your family is adorable.
Us and Joseph and sweet daughter, Tarra.

Here we are with the men we love!

Gordon, me, Chyrisa and Charlie.

Gordon and Chyrisa!

They are so cute together. We are so happy Chyrisa and her family could come celebrate with us.

Our wedding gift is a wedding cake!

Yes, that's right. Laura made us a wedding cake with a wonderful fountain. It was so neat. Decorated with the most beautiful orchids you can imagine.
Thank you, Laura you are a wonderful cake baker and decorator.

Gordon's son, Garrick, my daughter, Chyrisa, my son Wil and our grandson Junior.

A fun day I will always remember! Thanks for coming.

Steven I love you!

This is my sister Lola's son. He is a very special person to me and Gordon. He helped us out a lot this weekend even with his painful back pain. Steven is always there for me and my daughter and we do not hesitate to call him when we need to. Thanks for being you and always being there for us. I love you Steven.

What a surprise!!!!

Diane is my and Gordon's dearest friend. She not only surprised me by coming all the way from New Mexico to attend our party, she took about 200 pictures. Diane thank you for your generous love you have shown to me and Gordon in the past years. You are so special to us.

Green Bean Detail!

Tim, his dad, Rich and Joseph (my nephew) cleaned and destringed the green beans. They did a great job and everyone kept eating them up. Thanks guys you are wonderful.
I love you.

These beautiful girls help cut the fruit!

Melissa (Laura's daughter) and my neice Lauren were great helpers.
Thanks girls!

My wonderful helpers!

Chyrisa Charlie, Robert and Daniel put up the Tiki enterance way.
Great job!!

Dee and Laura!

These two ladies cooked the food, transported it to my house (hours away) set the tables, cut up fruit, made the punch, decorated the cake and made sure there were no empty chafing dishes.
I don't think I can ever thank you enough for your generosity and friendship.

Laura and handsome son Tim!

Laura is my neices really good friend. Tim is her adorable son.
Laura baked and decorated my beautiful cake. It even had a fountain. I was surprise and delighted with my beautiful wedding cake.
THANKS LAURA, for the cake and all the hard work you put into my party. You are awesome.

Let's party!!!!

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I love my new paint job!!

Gordon did not agree with the new paint job but he went along with me anyway.
Out with the white and in with the red.
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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Two new to us leather couches!

We found these two couches on Craig's list.

I just love this!!

We met these Chinese people in China Town!

Yes, I got permission!

I called Hawaii to thank Cathy and John
for thinking of us and sending us an
anniversary present. Cathy said you must
open it before the party. Glad we did it was two Hawaiian CD's.

A trip to China Town!

It sure would have been nice if I could have
got them there without getting lost!

from a 4 cupper to a 12 cupper!

Oh yeah I am a happy land dweller I have
a new Mr. Coffee, thanks Chyrisa and Charlie!

My Blog?

They better be looking at my blog!!
Daniel , Robert, Chyrisa and hubby