Monday, March 26, 2007

Jean Wilcox had a surprise birthday dinner at our place in Pahrump. She was surprised with a dinner of taco soup, a southwest salad, cake and ice cream. Great fun!

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Night in Pahrump!

Gordon and I are nice and comfy and in good weather. We have been having fun with our new friends Loya and Robert from Las Vegas. These are two friends that we met when Mark passed away. They were so good to us, they let us stay in our motor home in their yard for a few days while me made the necessary arrangements. We will never forget their kindness to us. They will be staying a few more days then heading home.

I will be flying to Boise to spend a few weeks with my daughter. I am happy to be spending time with her and family. Life is difficult for her but she seems to be dong a little better each day. I hope to help too. We will be going to a group called Compassionate Friends to help us heal together. This is a group for grieving parents and grandparents only.

Gordon will be visiting and fishing with one of his sons close by while I am in Boise.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

We had a really good fish fry from all the fish caught. We were with the Roving Rods.
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

I almost forgot!!!!

Yesterday, March 9th was our 12th year full time RVing. It has been an amazing ride. Mostly all positive with a few and I do mean few motorhome mishaps. We are grateful for that.

The next thing I am looking forward to is our 25th wedding anniversary. Hopefully we will be in San Francisco. We got married in our house there and hopefully be celebrating our silver anniversary there too. I never thought that would happen. Hope it does!!!!

Bye for now.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fishing at the lake with friends!

This week we are fishing at a lake with our Roving Rod friends. This is Gomer and John, they supplied the fish for a fish fry yesterday. Gordon and I have a nagging cough BUT we decided today we will be well and we are.
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Beading with the girls.

We found a fun place to bead. We learned a lot and had a great time. In fact
the owner of the shop had a beadathon and we stayed until about 11PM. It was so fun being with Gretchen, Nancy,
me, Kathy and Diana. (Diana is the newest beader)
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Mothers Day Came Early Twice!

What a surprise to receive this beautiful necklace from Gordon's boys. I love it. It is silver with my January birthstone on top and all five boys on the heart itself. Dwayne, Daniel, Kevin, Brent and Garrick. I am complete now with all our children.
THANK YOU BOYS! (and Chyrisa) Mom
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Mothers Day Came Early!

My daughter and two sons bought me a beautiful ring
for Mother's day! It has their three names written
very tiny on the sides of my birthstone. Chryisa, Wil,
and Kimo's birthstones are there also.
I am very touched. Thank you, Mom/Laura
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Having fun with cousins and friends!

Chyrisa is having a ball with her son and cousins.
Four of them got tatoos. Tatoos are expensive.
They all look really good.

Not for everyone!

This is a tatoo for Chyrisa to honor her sons! She feels great about having this done. It is not for everyone but she is the same wonderful, kind and honest person she has always been.

CornDog and BrownDog!

These two are wonderful pets. They have helped keep Chyrisa going.

I love these two.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

A day of "Rememberance"

Today my daughter Chyrisa had what was suppose to be a second memorial for Mark's girlfriend who was unable to attend Mark's real memorial in November. It did not turn out the way we thought it would but it was GOOD. We got to visit with Neesha and she looks real good. Still on crutches with a few more surgeries to go. Chyrisa and Neesha were just not up to spreading Mark's ashes so that just did not happen. I was glad that we all felt we would just go with how we felt and that is what happened. So for me I was saying good-bye forever. It was a good day.

I really look up to my daughters and felt she did a great job. It was not easy,

Password Protection in the real near future!

With the help of my son Wil I will be protecting my blog from unwanted viewers very soon.
What that means to you is that you must send me your email address so I can add you to my list of blogger viewers. So dear sister, Jeannine you will have to have one of your friends at work send me your email address so I can invite you to see my blog. I will not be doing this for several weeks.

But mean while I can do some posting if you have any questions call me or email me and I will let you know what is happening.

Very interested in comments on Prop. H in SF.

Look what is happening in San Francisco!

Proposition H Increases Relocation Payments For No-Fault Evictions

The voters approved Proposition H on November 7, 2006. The proposition requires landlords to pay relocation payments to tenants who are evicted for owner/relative move-in under Section 37.9(a)(8), demolition or permanent removal from housing use under Section 37.9(a)(10), temporary evictions to do capital improvement work under Section 37.9(a)(11), and substantial rehabilitation under Section 37.9(a)(12). (Note: Relocation payments for Ellis evictions under Section 37.9(a)(13) remain subject to Ordinance Section 37.9A(e)(3), and are similar but not identical to the provisions of Proposition H.) Proposition H goes into effect on December 22, 2006, and by its terms applies to notices to quit served on or after August 10, 2006.

Under the proposition, each authorized occupant, regardless of age, who has resided in the unit for at least one year, is entitled to a payment of $4,500.00, with a maximum payment of $13,500.00 per unit. In addition, each elderly (60 years or older) or disabled tenant, and each household with one or more minor children, is entitled to an additional payment of $3,000.00. The above amounts are also required to be adjusted for inflation annually beginning March 1, 2007. The landlord is required to give tenants written notice of relocation rights on or before service of the notice to quit, and within 30 days of receiving a tenant's claim for the additional $3,000.00 payment, the landlord must inform the Rent Board in writing of the tenant's claim and whether or not the landlord disputes the claim. Note the following significant changes from current law: (1) single family dwellings and condominiums are now subject to the requirement to pay relocation even for OMI/relative move-ins, and (2)relocation payments also apply to subtenants and minor children as long as they are authorized occupants in residence for a year.

Link to Prop. H (pdf) from the Department of Elections.

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