Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lambert's Cafe!!

We celebrated Elaine's birthday at Lambert's, Mary took us all out to lunch...
the home of the big rolls that get thrown to the customers...people coming along
with food in big pots and just keep asking if you want macaroni and tomato salad or
fried potatoes (in my opinion it was the best side dish) fried okra and black eyed peas...
A lot of food and I would give it 3 stars....but 5 stars for fun and atmosphere.
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Gul shores!

Today we took a nice walk on the beach in the Gulf Shore area!!!
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Happy Birthday, Elaine!

We had a very nice steak dinner at Mary n Elaine's rig for her birthday!!!
We had shared many birthdays together..
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Monday, January 25, 2010

I love this sign!!!

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The Hurleys and us!

The last time we saw Dick and Jean was in Pennsylvania at their house earlier this year. So it was
a great treat to spend some more time with them in Fort Walton....
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Fort Walton Beach, FL

Our last day on a Florida beach....heading for Alambama tomorrow.
The date should be the 25th which is Gordon's birthday...
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Dear dear friends!

This is Jean and Dick Hurley.....
they treated us to a super bbq lunch on
Gordon's birthday!
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A bird house with a satellite dish!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

An early surprise

These wonderful cakes were bought by Nancy n Bob Culbert and
Gail and Bob Kantor....a early surprise birthday party for Gordon....
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Just another picture of the beautiful food

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Yucca and Plantain!

My cousin has a wonderful kitchen. Here is her gas stove with a deep fryer on the side.
Here she is cooking plantains on the bottom and yucca on the top.
Dang did we eat good!
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Let the party begin....

This was a last minute invite from my cousins for us all (12) to come and have
a lunch/dinner with Virginia and Gus....
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Arroz con Pollo!

I have had this dish many time Puerto Rican style my father...
yesterday it was made and served Cuban style...
a little different but very good.
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A Venezuelan/Cuban Party!

Virginia and Gus invited all of us to their house for a wonderful Latino Party.
We all had a most wonderful time and spent the day drinking, eating and talking.
Virginia owns her own food establishment called Mojito Grill in South Miami. Virginia is Cuban married to my cousin Gus who is Venezuelan. A very memorable day.
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Candle light dinner in the parking lot....

Who's idea was this????
A wonderful meal that everyone contributed to. Us Boomers really know how to have a good time....
Charles, Norma, Gretchen, Frank, Gordon, me. Joyce, Larry, Bob, Nancy, Bob and Gail.
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Now this was fun having my cousins come to visit all us RVers in the parking lot at the Miccosukee Casion in Miami.
Joyce, Larry, Laura, Gordon, Nancy, Bob (in back) my cousin Gus, Gail behind him, Virginia, (Gus's wife) Bob, Gretchen and Frank.
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My South American Connection!

Me and my cousin Gus who lives in Coral Gables.
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Thank you Mollie!!

Molly I finally got to use my birthday glass you sent me.....
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A fun picnic with new friends.

Our new best friends Charles and Norma Cooper!
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Isn't he cute!!!!

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I love Miami.....wish I had more time down here......My cousins from Coral Gables are coming to visit us tomorrow.
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bonita Springs houses!

Unbelievable housing here!!!
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Awesome idea for a building.....

This metal column in front has names carved in metal and then with a light inside it illuminates on the building at night.
It was very nice....this is an cultural building.
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