Monday, August 31, 2009

Fishing at Monty's pond!

Today was a real different day, Monty needed to get some of his koi out of his pond and into the zoo's lake.
So that was what we did this morning.
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Now this is great!!!!

A view from our motorhome view.....pool and hot tub...I loving this...
Gordon/Donnie's cousin put all these solar panels in years ago and it is really paying off for them.
We are able to use our A/C and anything else we want to. This is not the norm so we are happy....
Thanks Cousins
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Reunion!!!

We only knew two people here but it was a lot of fun with these wonderful folks.
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Oh yeah it was a good day!!!

We took some time to visit Atlantic City, a little rain kept it good for walking.
The boardwalk is in great condition and the siblings are on the Steele Pier....
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Happy day!!!!

Just getting ready for the family reunion!!!
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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Genius at work!

Here is Jeannine ordering her pictures on the computer from Costco, she ordered them in the morning
and picked them up in the afternoon.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rockefeller Plaza

The siblings in at the Plaza!!!!!
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Central Park

Everyone having a sweet warm day!!!
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Alex Baldwin making a movie!

Yes, that is him, Alex Baldwin in the would of been more exciting if I liked him.....
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Wow who enforces this law!!!

Just on a street in Manhattan...didn't see a hospital or anything around....
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The Fantasticks!!!!

This is the Longest Running Musical in the World, according to the Playbill...
I loved it and so many people have played the different parts in all these years of the production.
Almost didn't get to go to see a show but we lucked out.
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New York is like being home!!!

I love being in New York, it is a lot like San Francisco but on a much larger scale!!!
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Times Square!

What a wonderful day, the weather was suppose to be really hot but we went anyway - glad we did we ended up having a really nice day and spent most of it in the shade.......
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We took the train!!!

Now this is the way to go to the city....and it pays to be 62 or was half price for the siblings.
Very reasonable, about $10 bucks for them and $20 bucks for me....can't wait til my birthday!!!!
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yes, we did!!!!

So what we weren't hungry....we could not come all this way and not have a Nathan's hot dog at the broadwalk!!!
It was real good....
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Coney Island!!!!

We had fun today in Coney Island..... we went here after our over nighter in Long,fun,fun!
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Been there done that!!!!

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Lunch at Big Daddies!

My cousin Peter owns this New Orleans Restaurant in Massapequa Park.
We had a good lunch, Gordon had Gumbo, I had crab cakes and sister, Jeannine had
Blacken Chicken!!! (Peter is my Uncle and Aunty's son)
Gordon, me, Jeannine, Alex and Anne.
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My Aunt, Uncle and Cousin!

We are in Massapequa Park in Long Island, NY.
This is my Aunty Anne, Uncle Alex and in the
back is one of their sons, Peter, me and Gordon.
Great visit.
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I forgot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I am sorry I forgot to put the Statue of Liberty on my blog.
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