Sunday, June 29, 2008

An awesome day!

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Hunks, Molly you should have been here!


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Let's get married!!

Diane having fun!!!

Some performers who just want to get married!

Gordon and Diane!
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Did you say buns!!!!

Did you say more buns???

Did you say all dolled up and no where to go?

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Out of the Closest is a thrift store I like to go to.

I loved this girls outfit!!

Ridem cowboy!!!

Let's dance boys!!!!!

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Gay Pride Parade!

Everyone was very well behaved.

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2008 Gay Pride Parade!

Glad we were their. Had a GREAT time.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A tour of the Palace Hotel!

Once or twice a week we will be touring different land marks in the city.
Today was a free tour of the Palace Hotel. Lots of history and fun stories
about this famous hotel. Our guide encourage us to come back at Christmas
time she said it is so beautiful you don't want to miss this. If we remember
we will go.... They have high tea here also. I am going to call to see how
much that might set a person back.
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Parking Etiquette in SF!

If you don't park at the very end of a parking space you may get a note like this on your
car. Click on the picture and you can read it. You may not understand but if you live
here and a person just kind of parks in the middle he may not allow three other cars to
park in the same space. It happens in front of our house all the time. I have not written
any notes but I sure thought about it. Just can't get all worked up about it!!!!
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Out with the old in with the new, tree that is.

We bought two Japanese Maple a big one and a smaller one on the right.
When I bought the little Japanese Maple it did not look to healthy but
with a year warranty I said I will take it. Well it went from bad to worse, so
I pulled it up and got a new tree. Hope we have better luck with this one
but trust me I kept the receipt.

So the second picture is a tree called a California Pepper, hope we can
keep it alive.
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Diane has made a home for Mally too!

Mally is Diane's dog - Diane bought him some sod, isn't that cool.
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Breakfast with Diane!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

All the family reunion pictures.


Tony (my sister, Lola's husband) in front left sister Rosemary and right Tony's sister, Linda. So happy to see them all again.
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A wonderful day!

We got to pick up our grandson Junior for the day. He was the first one
in the pool and the last one out. You can see it is night time. We left
pretty late. It was pretty hot in Folsom, CA.
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The Malta Family Reunion!

This is Nadia, her son and Bobby who so graciously hosted the family reunion.
What a fabulous house they have. The most beautiful house I have ever been
in. Decorated like in a magazine. They hosted about 30 or more family members. Gordon and I were invited because my sister, Lola is a Malta. Married to Tony Malta. So we all went to school together so we got to go too.
I had a marvelous day.
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