Sunday, October 28, 2007

We met our family!

We were so excited and touch by
this family of four who we met to-
night. They were tearful and so were
we. It seems we had a lot in common.
It was wonderful to honor Mark's
memory with this family. They
were so grateful and so were we.

Sunday about 5:30 PM!

The presents are wrapped, the food, (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy) and we are
ready to go to the Salvation Army where we will
meet our family.

Marky and Mark!

This picture was taken in our
bathtub in our home in San Francisco
about 1984.
This is one of the last pictures
our beloved son/grandson.

One Year Today!

I wish we were celebrating something fun and wonderful today.

But we are not. We are trying to be grateful for the 22 years we had Mark but we miss him so much. A year of sorrow and it is not over and never will be.

Thank you my dear sister Lana who has been there the whole time with us. You have brought us many happy smiles and you have helped Chyrisa so many times I cannot count them. I love you so.

Steven, thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom that have made Chyrisa take a different look at things. AA really helps doesn't it? You were there when we needed most and will always be the most important people in our lives. THANK YOU! Laura

A day for giving!

We shopped for over 7 hours, we
wrapped the presents
for another 2. We bagged them
and they are now ready to go.

Chyrisa had collected over $250 in
donations at her work for Mark's 1 year anniversary of his passing.
After being let down by a co-worker at the last minute on Saturday we had to find our own family. But we did! She is a single mom who works and goes to school - she has 3 daughters, 18, 9 and 6. We will prepare a Thanksgiving (type) dinner with all the fixins and give the gifts to the children. We are meeting them at the church at 6:15 PM this evening .


Anyone can see that is a waffle not a pancake. Now maybe you can find it? Thanks!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Our Pumpkins reflect our personalities!

Saturday at the Pumpkin Train!

Charlie and Chyrisa were like two kids going on their first date. It was fun to be with them and that was great of Charlie to think of it, but the ticketes and drive us there.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Charlie (Chyrisa's) husband made breakfast for us today.
Sherk pancakes, I was surprised and they were soooo good.
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Cupcakes anyone?

I was so proud of Charlie, he has never made cupcakes before but he promised the grief class that he would. On Thursday we attended the grief class which is alway sad and heart breaking but Charlie made it better with his cupcakes that everyone enjoyed. It was awesome!!!
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Idaho bound!

I am on my way tomorrow morning to spend a week with my daughter on the anniversary of her son, Mark passing. She has collected $250 that she will use to buy food and toys for a family. She is looking for a family that has had a loss like hers.

Gordon is staying home and probably working on the house. I wish he knew how to relax and maybe read a book and sit in the sun. The weather is great.

Well I will be taking my computer.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Did you know that you have "joy" in your heart?

I knew I always woke happy to be alive, to have a wonderful husband and I life that I love so much. We have been blessed with our (and our families) health and able to conquer things that needed to be changed by us in our lives to continue a healthy life.


When one of your family member dies (especially due) to neglects your "joy" that lived in your heart is gone and you wonder if you will ever have "joy" again.

Mark, will be gone for one year on October 28th, I will be with my daughter in Boise and our two "joyless" hearts will cry together.

Cherish your time with your family - it can be gone in an instant.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A pretty picture looking up at a SF tree.

Us and the Paces!

We had the wonderful pleasure of spending a few hours with our good friends Sue and Ken Pace.
So happy they stopped, hope they come back!
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Palace of Fine Arts!

We had a perfect day!
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We left our hearts in SF

We had a great day of touring around with Jim & Diane!
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A few of my favorite people!

Diane, me, Elaine, Mary and Nancy. What a blast of a day having you all over. Let's do it again soon!
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I love Diane!!!!!

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Some of our closest friends!

What fun having our RV friends come for a visit.
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Diane took over!

Gosh here is Diane she got compfy fast!!
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hey this is my house!

Gordon having fun with his favorite girls!
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Ham I mean Jim!

Diane, me, Elaine, Mary and Nancy are supporting Jim!! He is a lot to support!
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Boomers in the center of San Francisco!

Mary, Diane, me, Jim
Elaine, Nancy, Gordon and Bob! What a great day we had together. I am so happy to have our RV friends come and visit.
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A great day with RV friends!

Today we spent the day with Dorothy and Chuck. Dorothy is a very good beader and she showed me her newest projects and taught me a few things. We love sharing.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

We are still working but a lot slower!

We are getting excited as our friends are starting to arrive for a week or weekend in San Francisco.

We are now working on the last room which is the first floor. I have done lots of painting but Gordon has to do the cutting in because I just don't do a good job. We have repairs to do on that floor too so we have to complete the repairs before we finish painting. I love the colors we are using. Will put up some pictures of the first floor soon.

Tomorrow Dorothy and Chuck Adams are coming for a visit. The are arriving by ferry and we will pick them up at the Ferry Building. Just a day trip. We had to switch the Nissian Truck for the Honda because we cannot all fit in the truck. You can get 4 skinny people in it but that is not the case. HAHA!

No one wants Maggie!

We had to put Maggie on a consignment lot. Even though we under priced her we could not sale her. So Scotts Valley RV is going to try. And they are asking $40k more than we were. GO FIGURE!!!! AND LET'S JUST SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

Juanita loves Gordon!

and we love Juanita. Gordon gets a great hair cut from Juanita!!!!

OH what a job!!!-

Two young men brought our new frigerator up all those stairs. Gordon had to take a couple of doors off but they got it in just fine. Compliments of PG&E!!!

Another trip to Golden Gate Park!

We are in Shakespear Park. We love it here there is always something new to see when you are on foot or bikes.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Today is a foggy Monday in the city!

We had a pretty good weekend. Even though we both have colds we are getting better each day.

Saturday I got in the garage sale our neighbor was having sold over $100 of my beading bracelets. People bought for Christmas. I was happy. No luck on my shoes, I cannot believe it. I wonder if I could give them away for free. I was only asking $6 each some are from Italy and Spain and some are new. I don't get it. I even said two for ten and not one sold. I hate to have to keep them. NOT!

I went on craigslist and found some free theater tickets. All it said was that 4 soloist would be performing. Silly me I thought it would be music but they were comics. It was excellent and fun . We took the underground muni and got there and back safe and sound.

The Castro street fair was this weekend. This event is not for everyone. I really liked watching all the crazy people. That was on Sunday only. It was packed with hundreds of people but by 9PM when we returned from the theater the whole place was so clean you would never have know any took place that day. AWESOME!!

The Blue Angels were in town for Fleet Week they are so good. We could see them from our balconey. On Sunday we went to Corona Heights but next year we will go to the marina where you can see it all.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

the windmill in Golden Gate Park!

The flowers and the windmill looked real nice this morning.

An early morning bike ride at Golden Gate Park.

Today was beautiful, so we got up - threw the bikes in the pickup and off we went for a two hour ride. It was fun.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dinner at Memphis Minnies!

After a second day of sight seeing we went to Bob's restaurant for dinner. He serves the the bar-b-que in San Francisco. Left. Larry & Debbie Cruther (our solar power connection) me and Gordon, Bob Kantor and Gail.
We had a wonderful dinner. Debbie and Larry will be leaving in the morning back to Yuma and lots of solar jobs.