Thursday, December 21, 2017


Merry Christmas 2017
We have been blessed again in 2017, that does not mean everything was perfect but that does mean we are grateful for our lives.

We got all geared up for a five month trip across the USA to visit friends and family that we have met in our 22 years of retirement and traveling. We went on a southern route across America, we visited family n friends in Fort Worth, Dallas, Louisiana and did Florida up and down.  Then to New Jersey, Michigan and Missouri. We travelled to the Carolinas and Tennessee. We travelled over 14000 miles, it was a awesome trip with no problems.  
We bought a Honda CRV that had more space for us and easier to get in and out of.
One of the high lights of our trip was meeting my sister, Lola in Missouri where my twin, Tito, lives and we spent our time reminiscing, laughing and carrying  on. (Poor Gordon) We went to Branson for 5 days and celebrated all our birthdays even though it was none of our birthdays at the time.  My twin and I would turn 70 in January and I would be in Hawaii and him in Missouri so I thought let’s have a birthday party we will never forget and we did. 
We got back to Pahrump in September and had lots to do before heading to Hawaii for two months. 
So we are sitting on the beach in Waianae in December and heading for a month in Hilo in January.
Gordon and I are happy and hoping 2018 will be even better. 
Thinking of getting a small rv I can drive and heading out of town for few months here and there.. 
On Gordon’s birthday, (1-25) we will be retired for TWENTY THREE YEARS.
Merry Christmas and a blessed New Years to you and yours,

Laura and Gordon

Sunday, January 22, 2017

2016 in review.....

Happy New Year 2016.......
We have a another fabulous year......travelling and seeing friends and family.
 We sold our Country Coach on January 2015 and what a surprise we don't miss it as much as we thought we would.....we are travelling by car and enjoying this a lot.
 We went on three cruises in 2016......enjoyed them all.....planning a longer cruise in August 2017 for our 35th wedding anniversary (in July) to Alaska...
 We packed up our car and spent the next several months traveling up the coast from San Francisco to Washington to Missoula, Idaho and Reno then SF.....after that we headed to Show Low, Arizona and spent the best ever summer in Juniper Ridge in Show Low, AZ. This was our 2nd year there....
 Our life is changing so much......Gordon is still having lots of problems with his legs, he must have a cane or walker to walk....he has fallen many times.....his feet just don't want to move, the good thing is that he is no pain.....  this is why we gave up the motorhome and decided to travel in our car.
  We spent the month of November in Waianae, Hawaii, our condo was right on the beach and the weather was perfect....Gordon got to meet his first great granddaughter.
 In December we were back in Pahrump, NV.
 We are planning a trip to Dallas, Florida, New Jersey and a few other places in May 2017.
 We are happy and are looking forward to more travel...Happy New Year to you all.