Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It is offical - Garrick's an engineer!

So extremely happy to let everyone know that our youngest son, Garrick got on the computer this morning to see his grades and he PASSED!!!
The first picture Gar is looking at his grades online. The two pictures behind
are one job offer and one is the interview he will be going on today at 2pm.

We are so happy and pleased. We will be having a family celebration in July.
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Monday, March 24, 2008

My newest beader!

This is my special great niece, Tarra.
She is now a beader... she is making a
crystal bracelet.
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The Queen came too!

This is Denny taking pictures of the bees that came for Easter dinner.
The were not there in the morning but late afternoon they were all there.
It was pretty neat. Yes, that is not just a tree it is the bees.
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Easter at Dee's & Joe

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The Bearded Dragon

This lizard belongs to my great niece's boyfriend, Denny! They are both
total animal lovers. This poor lizard has big time spine problems and this
was totally due to poor animal care. Not the right food, not the right lighting

Spike will have to have his tail amputated soon. (about half way)

Denny adopted him a few months ago.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring has sprung in the city

Yesterday we took a 5 hour walk around the city. The first two
pictures were at the Embarcadero Building. Awesome flowers.
The third picture is a beautiful arrangement Brent and Miriam
brought over. The fourth picture is a tree I like and I am
thinking of putting in the back yard for some privacy.
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Happy Easter!

My first small arrangement from my garden!!!
Thank you Gordon and HAPPY EASTER.
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A link to more pictures!


China Town!

We were a little gross out at what was in the China Town market place.
I guess it just regular stuff to the Chinese folks but I did not like it.
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Meeting with our cousins!

My cousins came into SF with some of their family members and they
gave us a call so we could meet them. That was really fun to run up to
the Fisherman's Wharf area for 4 hours.

1st picture, Elean, Lollie, in the pink Carol, Ben, my cousin, Matt and Ray.
Elena and Ben are Ben and Lollies children. Ray (is Lollie's brother) and Carol is Ray's wife.

We got to Ghiradelli and coffee and ice cream. A really fun day.
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Shopping in China Town!

A fun day in China Town. Shopping and eating.
It was funny Frank was calling Gordon and they were right next to each other.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Saint Patrick's Day!

We had a long day. Gretchen and Frank at the top of our stairs. Gretchen
is doing great! Believe me I was watching her carefully. Here are the love birds at the Golden Gate Bridge. Gretchen walked on the GGB. A picnic over by the water - an unusual tree in Sausalito - a beautiful coast picture. The last picture is a building in Berkeley.
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More sight seeing with the Knapps!

The first picture is Gretchen at Twin Peaks. The other pictures are from Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf. The fourth picture is us looking at Alcatraz from the pier. The middle picture is Ghirdelli Chocolate store. Crabs at Fisherman's Wharf. The last picture is at the end of the day on our balcony it was really pink out there.
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Meeting Brent's in-laws from Spain!

Brent and Miriam had her parents visiting for one week from Spain.
They only speak Spanish so it was a bit hard. Poor Miriam had to
translate and we kept asking lots of question about Spain. Miriam's father,
brother, and mother, Miriam then Brent. Kevin, Grandsons Derek, Dylan,
Amar, me and Gordon. Fun day.
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Friday, March 14, 2008

IFun in the city!

Gretchen and Frank have been here for two days and we have done
alot already. Gretchen and Frank brought us some nice little gifts.
I love presents....THANKS!!!!

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I love our back yard now.

Our yard is not done but it is looking better everyday.
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A wonderful couple of days so far with friends Gretchen n Frank!

Click on this website for our Gretchen n Frank visit.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sierra and Amana!

These two dogs belong to Juanita and Gene. When we get to spend the weekend
with them we love to walk the dogs. As you can see we are having some wonder-
ful weather.
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Dylan and Shelly are now 12 yrs old.

This is our grandson Dylan with his first cousin Shelly celebrating their birthdays. They are just a few days apart.
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San Francisco!

When the newspaper did a survey in San Francisco and asked the people here if they would pay an extra 25 cents per gallon to clean up the air - they said yes!

Our friends on the road again!

Here is Gail bring us more presents. I will try my best to keep this plant alive.

On the bottom picture is us having dinner together - Bob and Gail.
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Awesome we got to have Pad over for lunch on his way back from his
trip to China. Gordon took him to the airport to meet his wife in Florida.
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Saturday, March 01, 2008

We are home!

We have been gone for one month. It was so much fun being in San Diego, Yuma and Paso Robles. BUT we are home now and Gordon has the flu. I think we passed it to Daniel our son in Riverside then we passed it on to Nancy. I am so sorry. So we are just chilling at home.

Daniel's restaurant is called Creola's. Creola has a high rating for their food. Our son is a really good cook.