Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Nob Hill Tour!

We went on another tour today. Nob Hill was a very good tour all about how it was way back then. In the first two pictures we are standing on top of the Fairmont Hotel in the garden.

A view from the Fairmont.

Grace Cathedral, it was huge and awesome inside. These doors are replicas from the 1800's. Each panel has many stories.
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Coffee with my sissy!!!!

The date is wrong but this morning 7-31-08 we had our coffee in the warm sun while figuring out what excursion we will go on next. I am enjoying my sister a lot. She talks more than me.....yes, it is true.
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Is this garden really in front of the city hall?

The answer is YES, it is so nice and healthy and all the food goes to a food bank to feed the hungry.
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another really cool night at Yoshi's!

We celebrated Juanita's birthday at Yoshi's in Oakland this time. The blues was great. But as I listen I keep thinking that our dear friend Al Carson was just as good.
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The Braudy and Naughty Tour!!

Here is my sister learning about all the Maiden Lane prostitutes in San Francisco in the early days. We ended up at Union Square. Then walked home 4 miles that day.
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Our Tales of the Castro Tour!

This was the best (again free) tour we have been on. This lady, Marina, had so much personality and lots of info on the area. Since we live here we really enjoyed learing new things about our area.

The picture below is made of glass and is on the Harvey Milk Academy wall.
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New tiles for the fireplace!!!

Whick one do you like???
So far the white marbling looking one on the bottom has all the votes. You cannot tell but it has light veins running thru it.
The top one are a lighter greyish tan mix and match. It looks better in person.

Did I mention that we found these FREE on craigslist????
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My new "do"!

My new free "do" I am a model at the Secret Agent Salon is San Fran!
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our hard work is paying off!!!

The first picture is our back yard.
The second picture is the front yard.
I cannot believe all the peace I get from
our planting.
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Patrick's birthday lunch!!!

Yes, we fussed over our favorite neighbor. Home made chocolate cake, home made pizza, mostly from our garden. Look at Lana grinding up the pesto then spreading it on our veggie pizza. It was the best pizza I ever had.

Happy Birthday dear friend.

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Garrick 32 and an Engineer!!!!

How sweet is that!!!!!!! We are so proud of Garrick's choices in life!!!!
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We got the year WRONG!!!!

Garrick was so sweet, he finally told me I am 32 not 33!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well we have explained to him many times we have CRS!!! (can't remember _____

Now give us a break he is number EIGHT!!!!!
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I love my sister!!!!1

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Festival of ships!

The festival of ships start today. So after our birthday party for Patrick (our wonderful neighbor) we are walking to the Embarcadero about 4 miles away.
Another nice day in the city.
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A day of wonderful sunshine!

We had a wonderful walk on the Embarcadero yesterday.
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Roses from my garden!!!

These flowers bring such joy to my life.
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More beautiful flowers!

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No tellin who you'll meet on 24th St.

A chance meeting on 24th street. Good friend, Diane, me, Gordon, sister Lana and Ilene. Life is so fun!!!!
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Creme Brulee for breakfast!

Oh yes this is breakfast! At the BBB (Bornkamp Bed & Breakfast)

Oatmeal Creme Brulee with blackberries. We picked the blackberries on Sunday and decided to make this most delicious recipe. We accented it a matching smoothie consisting of fresh blackberries, strawberries, bananas, pineapple nuts and cinnamon. i

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Monday, July 21, 2008


Juanita and Gene called us and invited Lana and us to a Hawaiian service at Jubilee. It was awesome. The minister was Pastor Wayne Cordeiro of Oahu. He brought his whole entourage. It was amazing. He is on Oahu where two of our sons live that could use his mininstry. We went again to the evening service too. Juanita and Gene fixed us an awesome breakfast at 1pm. A day of blessing for us.

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