Friday, November 27, 2009

Great day!

My sister Lola did a great job - everything went great!!!
Here's Anthony working hard carving the turkey!

Tony (our broher-in-law) helped a lot putting on a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner.....
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Thanksgiving in Florida!

Daniel, me, Gordon, Tony, Lola, Dawn, Anthony, Josh and Jason.

The boys are Daniel (now serving in he Marines) and his brother Jason. These boys are my sister Lola's sons.
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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Made it safe and sound from Georgia to Florida
we are spending Thanksgiving with my sister, Lola
and hubby Tony!!!
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Fort Pulaski!

Took a quick trip to this fort before heading for Florida.
Lots of history here, check it out on the web.....
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Paula Deen's Restaurant!

Paula's restaurant....called Lady n Sons!
First they start you off with a pancake and corn bread and you put maple syrup on was good!
We ordered crab stew, which was not a stew but a most wonderful tasting crab soup.
We shared this meal and thank goodness we did, I was so full when we left, but anyway this is a crab cake burger.....the BEST! (even though this picture doesn't look that good.) Those brown things on the side are called French Fries, but they were different and AWESOME !
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Savannah, Georgia

Isn't the this an different picure of a horses main?
The second picuture is just looking up at an awesome house on River Street.
This picture is the City Hall
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D.A.R. Cemetry erected 1913!

This cemetery is very different from others we have seen.
Unusual. This cemetery is in Savannah, GA.
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John the Baptist Church!

This is a huge and beautiful church in Savannah, GA.
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Cute huh?

Gordon saw this while we were getting gas.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A beautiful couple!

We spent a few minutes meeting this lovely couple today....they were celebrating 57 years of marriage today. Check out his SF cap!!!!

Martin Luther King Jr.

We got to visit Martin Luther King Museum, it was awesome it made me so sad how cruel we humans can be to one another. MLK was a great person and he DESERVED the Nobel Peace Prize.

Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK and his wife Coretta Scott King are here!

President Carter's Presidential Library in Atlanta, GA

We were so impressed with this beautiful library....he was a true humanitarian. I am glad we went here.

Nobel Peace Prize!

Jimmy Carter received the Nobel
Peace Prize.....

In my opinion he REALLY deserved this for his years and years of humanitarian work.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Terrell, Connie, Joe, Linda and us!

This is an evening visiting stores in Seneca....the town shops are all open serving wine and snacks and a Thanksgiving Cake.....what a fun evening with fun loving people.

This is a CAKE!!!!!

Yes it is.....!!!

Seneca, SC

This is a great little town called Seneca, SC.

Friday, November 20, 2009

On the lake!

This is Linda and Joe Shejbal we are visiting with in Clarksville, GA.

We are so on the go having a ball being treated like royal tourist.


Fun in Georgia with Linda and Joe!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ok looks like I have a few question to answer!

Why did you spend 6 weeks in the Pigeon Forge area?

We had no intention of staying in Tennessee that long but after friends tried to do Dollywood in two days and we saw how tired they were we decided to update on one day ticket for a season pass, so then we could go as many times as we wanted to without being rushed. The other awesome thing was that Dollywood has a whole month of Southern Gospel Music we had know idea we would fall in love with this music.....My favorite group was the Kingdom Heirs, we went to many of their shows....We found a way to avoid the $8 parking lot fee each day and instead rode on a trolley for $.50....
So every October is the Southern Gospel Harvest Festival. I would love to encourage you to think about attending this wonderful time in Dollywood.
The groups came at different times during the week. We downloaded the schedule and came and went as we pleased for 6 weeks. I will cherish this time forever......

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchberg, TN

Even though we do not drink we had a great time listening to the amazing story of how JD got started.
The town of Lynchberg only has 361 people who live there. 400 people are employed at the distillery.
Fun day!
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The new and old Master Distillers!

The fellow on top is the new Master Distiller.

I actually met Jimmy in the second picture in LV on
an airplane. He loved his job as a MD he was not sick
he was out on his farm one day and fell down, he had
a massive heart attach.
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This is Angee, she was our tour can tell that she
really enjoys her job.....she gets a free bottle of Jack Daniels
every Friday.
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Ruby Falls!

Now this is one of the wonderful places I have been.
This is Ruby Falls 2.5 miles inside a cave you can
see this 124 foot indoor waterfall.
(This picture was not taken by me)
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