Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Im just creative!!!!!

A new loopy scarf this is fun and cute!!!
I don't have time to cook or clean I am in my creative period....
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Out with the old!

Even though this couch does not look to bad. It had torn and could
not be fixed. The material was unavailable so we did the next best
thing and had our couch recovered.
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In with the new!!!

Yes, we love our new look.
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fountain Hills, AZ

A very nice place to visit..... a fountain the goes off every hour.
This is Tom selling potpourri, boy does it smell good. The houses
here are beautiful, we even went to a couple of open houses.

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A day in Phoenix!

Another fun and warm day in Phoenix.
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Another Scarf

Wow is this fun!!! Lynne and I are knitting up a storm.
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

So very busy!!!

We have been so busy running around and having fun.
Today we are just walking around Phoenix. Lynne and
Alan will join us and we are going to nephew Paul's
restaurant, Hanny for lunch. We actually saw a wonder-
ful few minute piece on local tv about his restaurant.

Today or tomorrow our couch will be recovered. It was such
a mess we decided to have it recovered. Cannot wait to see it.
I will put some pictures of it up soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Scottsdale, AZ

A fun day in Scottsdale, just window shopping. (that was hard for me to do)
The first picture is one of my nephew's restaurant he manages.
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A marvelous day at th3 Desert Botanical Gardens!

We just Dale Chiluly's glass art in San Francisco not to long ago, so when
entering the gardens I recognized the glass work immediately.....we just
got lucky and went when Dale was presenting his art. Great day and Lynne
had free tickets, does it get any better???

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Friday, February 13, 2009

My new loom.

Yes, if you have problems knitting like I do this is a unique knitting loom.
I made this it was so easy and took no time at all. I paid 10 bucks for my
wooden one in Quartzsite but have since found that Walmart sales several
looms together for 8 bucks. If you cannot understand the instructions you
can go to utube and put in knitting loom then casting on and casting off when your done.
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A concert in the park!

Yesterday we went to a free concert in Mesa. It was very nice and so
small compared to what the concerts are like in San Francisco.
But we had a picnic and a very nice time.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still in Mesa, AZ.

Hello everyone,
Gordon and I are still at Lynne and Alan's house in Mesa. We decided to get our coach recovered because it is real bad shape. So we will be here for another week at least. We now have pretty much decided not to go to winter blast (which we have been to several times) and head for Wickenburg, AZ where we have several friends that we would like to see.

Today we are going to a concert in the park. A picnic too, I love picnic's, so I will write more later.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Isn't this cool!

Two car parking for one tenant in Paul's apartment. He lives in Phoenix, AZ
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Dining with our nephew!

Paul is the director of two restaurants, AZ88 in Scottsdale and Hannily in
Phoenix a few blocks from where he lives. He treated us to a wonderful
dinner. Paul is a very nice person, very busy. We got to see his beautiful
apartment. His girlfriend Christina is a wonderful decorator.
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Games with Mike!!!

Pegs n Jokers a fun game to play.
Gordon, me and Mike!
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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Rosevelt Dam!

A beautiful dam and an awesome bridge in Arizona.
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Just beautiful country here!

Lots to see in Arizona.
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Totilla Flats!

Gordon and I have been to this Arizona area many times but we
this time we decided to make sure we did some sight seeing of
places we have never been. So Torilla Flats was on the list. We
had lunch here and it was very nice. The weather was perfect and
we spent the whole day sight seeing with Lynne and Alan.
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Christina and Paul!!!

Paul is my twin's son and Christina is his beautiful girlfriend. We got
to spend several hours with them yesterday when they came for a
visit. On Monday we are having dinner at Pauls's restaurant.
Can't wait!!!!
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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Aren't these girls beautiful?

A most memoriable evening!

Gordon and I got to spend several hours with Lisa and Eric. They are
Mike's (my grandsons) parents. We got to meet Chelsea, who is having
our great grandson. Lisa and Eric are really good parents and all three
of their daughters are wonderful and of course Mike too.
Thank you Lisa and Eric for letting us spend a wonderful time with you.
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My beautiful daughter is 43!!

Today is my daughter's birthday!!!!
We love you so much, have a great day!!!!
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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The who are going to be GREAT GRAND PARENTS?

Yes this is our grandson Mike's and Chelsea's new baby due in May....

We have 7 sons
1 daughter
8 grandsons
1 great grandson

We love our boys and thank goodness for my one and only daughter.....