Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The flop!!!

Oh yeah, I just thought we could make a lot of money handing out roller skates. AND we could have but we can't get all the hours we need to do this. They really wanted people who could give out skates and be able to skate too. We don't skate!!! I did enjoy the job and they want us to work this weekend. We will go if we are not doing the job below.

We attended a dinner last night where the owners of the ice skating rink and several other workers attended it was fun. Dinner at 10pm. We almost ate the table!!!! It was crazy!!!

But our friends Cathy and John who sale Christmas trees in Saratoga (40 miles from our home) have hired us to deliver Christmas trees. She only calls us when she has $120 worth of deliveries. We get tips too. We been out once last weekend and we made out very well. We are going again on Thursday. Right now we have $160 and there could be more!!!!

Nancy, Nancy and Bob and Kit!

Thank you for your generosity.

Yes I was................

It is true. I was walking in Costco last night with my Gordie when this women asked me if I ever did hair modeling I said no - she said do you want to? I said YES and that is how I got this really cute hair cut for free. They are going to dye my hair later on.

Friday, November 23, 2007


One of my favorite weekends EVER!!!

We had a three couple sleep over. Our good friends spent the weekend with us. Every room was filled and Gordon and I slept very well on the 1st floor on a wonderful Costco Aer Mattress.


Another view!!!

Gordon wanted me to add this out of order pictures. Lots of ice skates. We were organized!!!!

We were on our way home!

After a long day of sight seeing and touring the city we took the bus home. While on the bus and close to home this couple jump on and they tell us there is free champagne and oysters at the Anchor Restaurant. So we immediately jump off the bus, eat and drink some more then there was the free t-shirts. I love spontaneity!!!!

St. Nancy sniffed this one out!!!!

I loved the signs....

The Gail and Bob Room!!

This room is on the 3rd floor. It was the hardest room to redo. But we did it and now it is so nice. The boas are gifts from Gail. Gail is a wonderful singer and before she was a full time RVer she had room for Big Bird and Pink Panther. (that is my names for them.) but now they belong to me. I love them. Thanks Gail.

Memphis Minnies!

This is Bob Kantor's restaurant. It is a must if you are in San Fran. It is on everyone of the Bornkamp Tours. Bob treated ALL of us to lunch after a night of partying at our house.

Why is she a saint? Nancy that is!

Well a picture is worty a thousand words. Just someone Kit (Nancy husband) picked up on the bus.

Crepes, St. Nancy and me!!!

Everyday is better than the day before. St. Nancy and I found this wonderful French crepe restaurant on 16th and Valencia.

This is a scallop crepe and it was the BEST!!!

But then there was dessert - mon cheri.....of yeah. Raspberry sauce, whipped cream and Gellato.
The Best lunch ever.
Thank you Nancy!!!

More anniversary presents!!!

I love presents and it is never too late to send them!!!

These wonderful shell and crab dishes and the silver table runner was a nice gift from St. Nancy and Kit.

I love them.

Don't forget my birthday is coming up. January 3rd I will be the big ass 60!!!

I am thankful for many things - but best friends are on the top of the list

On the Bornkamp Tour we stopped
for a photo opt at Union Square Park.
Gordon, me, Nancy, Bob, St. Nancy and Kit.

A bit out of order but here you go anyway!

Just wanted to give you a glimpse of what the ice skating rink looked like. It was awesome to be there. This is AT&T park.

Contrast of yeah!

I keep having to put up my different
views of the contrast. How did this huge awful (in my opinion) building up in SF Golden Gate park? Well the word is that a rich lady was able to pull it off. It pays to be rich. I heard it is awesome inside. Cannot wait to go inside myself.

Orcids in water!

These orchid's were one of the beautiful things we saw on our B tour.

Well it was a real job BUT unorganized & not well advertisted!

Now remember this is how I (Laura) see it.

The job was a good paying easy job but the advertising sucked big time.

I was suppose to work 10am to 10pm on Thanksgiving Day. Long day but I was up to it. Gordon was going to work 4pm to 10 pm. We could have changed hours but Gordon had his projects already started that is why I took the long shift. WELL, I got there on time (of course) and after 5 1/2 hours they sent me home there was only about 5 people there.

We cancelled our Thanksgiving dinner to be there, of well. We did spend a few hours at Brent and Miriam's and Brent cooked a really good and tasty turkey. This is Frank, he is the one that turned us on to this job - not sure if we should thank him or take him out. Just kidding!

Frank is a professional ice skater. He has toured the world and he is so funny, we really like him a lot.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Computers Not Working Again!

Gordon and I started working yesterday. We cannot believe how unorganized everyone is. But we are making a hourly rate so they can pay us to sit. BUT we don't like it.

Bob and Nancy and Nancy and Kit are here for a weekend visit. Today Bob and Gail are coming tonight for our 3 couple overnighters. I am so excited. So they are visiting even though we are not here due to working. But when we get home we play.

My computer is not working. It is time for a new one - my laptop is 3 years old. I will get a desktop while we are not traveling.

I am using my friends laptop now.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A real job for a short time!!!!

I am so excited about our jobs we got for 21 days. Gordon and I will be giving out skates at AT&T park in San Francisco. Right now they are getting the field ready (which I will put picture on the blog soon) they have dug up the field and the ice should be in on Thursday. We start working on Friday. We are suppose to make a lot of money. I will let you know.

Meanwhile we cancelled our Thanksgiving Family dinner because we have to work.

Golden Gate Park!

I loved this interesting tree we found in GG Park!
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They just raised the bar!!!

Nancy and Bob took us out to a fabulous dinner at Alioto's restaurant in San Francisco at Fisherman's Wharf!!! It was Nancy sons, Kevin bought her a
gift card for her birthday. So happy they wanted to share with us.
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Isn't he happy!!!

Bob forgot his favorite pillow that he usually brings with him everywhere, was
left at his RV by accident. So we had to make a stop at Japan town to get him
a few new pillows. Exactly what he wanted can you see how happy he is.
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Memphis Minnies a regular stop!

Nancy and Bob Culbert took us up on our invitation to come stay with us. It
was so much fun being with our friends that we love so much.
Memphis Minnies is owned by our good friend Bob Kantor and we now make
this a regular stop on our local tours.
(Gordon, Bob Kantor, Nancy and Bob Culbert)
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From New Mexico to San Francisco!

Here is our wonderful friend Diane visiting from NM. She reserved a day
for us to spend the day together. We walked for miles in Golden Gate Park.
Then Diane treated us to a Spanish lunch.
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Memphis Minnies!

A wonderful dinner at MM with owner and friend Bob Kantor (in the middle)!

Thank you Bob you always make it so nice for us.
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Brent's racing!

We were able to see Brent race last week.
Unfortunately he got a flat and that ended the race early for him!
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Friday, November 09, 2007

Larry and Connie!

More fun with Connie and Larry!
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Dinner with more Boomers Friends!

For some of you who don't know who the Boomers are - we are an RV club with mostly but not all boomer aged people.
This is Roy and Linda Dixon, my Gordie, Connie and Larry Farquar.
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Sunday, November 04, 2007


Jan and Barry Kessler sent me this gift. A tree in Israel in memory of our grandson, Mark. I am so touched and cannot thank you enough. So very thoughtful. AWESOME!

From New York City!!

These two wonderful people Aaron and Manuel (I hope I spelled your name right) came to visit us. We had a delightful visit. Very fun can't you tell by looking at there faces. They are ready for anything. We loved the visit and invited them back whenever they would like to come.
They told us that their apartment in NY was smaller than our motorhome.
Hard to believe.
They are Gordon's cousins nephew and partner.
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