Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The flop!!!

Oh yeah, I just thought we could make a lot of money handing out roller skates. AND we could have but we can't get all the hours we need to do this. They really wanted people who could give out skates and be able to skate too. We don't skate!!! I did enjoy the job and they want us to work this weekend. We will go if we are not doing the job below.

We attended a dinner last night where the owners of the ice skating rink and several other workers attended it was fun. Dinner at 10pm. We almost ate the table!!!! It was crazy!!!

But our friends Cathy and John who sale Christmas trees in Saratoga (40 miles from our home) have hired us to deliver Christmas trees. She only calls us when she has $120 worth of deliveries. We get tips too. We been out once last weekend and we made out very well. We are going again on Thursday. Right now we have $160 and there could be more!!!!


John & Cathy Robnik said...

I always say if you want the best you have to hire the best!! Stick with me baby I'll make ya rich!!! :) see ya

ourbusandus said...

Oh wow, that is great! I know you both will do a good job, plus who knows how much you will earn in tips! You'll make more doing this job than giving out skates, plus it'll be more fun and you're not just sitting around being bored.

Hugs, Sharon & Ron