Friday, November 23, 2007

Well it was a real job BUT unorganized & not well advertisted!

Now remember this is how I (Laura) see it.

The job was a good paying easy job but the advertising sucked big time.

I was suppose to work 10am to 10pm on Thanksgiving Day. Long day but I was up to it. Gordon was going to work 4pm to 10 pm. We could have changed hours but Gordon had his projects already started that is why I took the long shift. WELL, I got there on time (of course) and after 5 1/2 hours they sent me home there was only about 5 people there.

We cancelled our Thanksgiving dinner to be there, of well. We did spend a few hours at Brent and Miriam's and Brent cooked a really good and tasty turkey. This is Frank, he is the one that turned us on to this job - not sure if we should thank him or take him out. Just kidding!

Frank is a professional ice skater. He has toured the world and he is so funny, we really like him a lot.

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