Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The carnation ladybug!!!

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The Bellagio!!!

This snail is made of only roses. It is very pretty!!!
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The Venetian Casino

This was an awesome free show behind a beautiful waterfall. On top the
forest were people that were moving about. Next time we will go on top
so we can see the human forest doing their dance.....
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Too pretty!!!!

Just the most beautiful orchids in the Encore hotel casino.
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Good bye Las Vegas!!!

This picture was in the Wynn....
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The whole day was a blast!

Loya, Bob. Gordon and I spent the whole day just having a great day.
We went to the Valley of Fire and saw the most amazing fossilized sand dunes
in different phases of development. We have been here before but crap we
have CRS. (can't remember stuff). We had a wonderful picnic the weather
was perfect....then I pulled out the dominoes and we finished the game we
had started the night before. Loya was the Big Winner, she left Bob her husband in the dust and Bob usually beats us, nice change!!! HAHA! After
a long day of sight seeing we headed for Del Taco to try out the Bacon, Dell
Burger and yes it was really good then we ended the day at COLD STONE
oh my gosh get me out of here!!!!!!!!!!

If you double click on the picture it will get larger and you can see them better.
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So sad!!!!

Today Gordon and I took a trip to MM107 on Hwy 15 where our grandson, Mark died.
We made a marker, it was so sad... Mark has been gone for 2 1/2 years and
it seems like yesterday.
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Another night view of Las Vegas!

The Mormon Church!

Gordon said come let's go up the hill and see the Vegas lights at night.
It was really neat. Here is a picture of the church at night. Pretty cool.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Las Vegas too darn big!

We have been coming here for about 13 years and we could not believe
how crowded with people and cars. Building everwhere. We don't like
it here anymore. We will come again to see our friends here.

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Boy am I lucky!!!!

Check out my driver......Gordon is the best!!!!
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A view from the top!

We stayed on top of the mountian looking down at Laughlin, NV. it was
an awesome view and gorgious at night when the lights went on.
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Betty is so beautiful and happy!

I am so glad to have Betty for a friend. She is such a good sport. I love the way her
children love and care about her. We had a nice time.....Happy birthday, again.....
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Las Vegas!

Here is our rig in Loya and Bob's house....
We are having a great time.
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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Strip in Laughlin, NV

We were about 2 miles away!!!
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Lake Havasu or Hawaii????

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A pretty sunset in Lake Havasu!

Chris took several pictures and this one was the best....
(thanks Chris)
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Isn't this the greatest picture of Chris doing some bathing suit shopping
for his little daughter.
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Chris to us out to dinner!

WoW!!! Chris not only adorable but also smart and sweet. It was awesome
watching Chris with his grandparents Betty and Chuck. He worried and ask
many times if his grandma as ok and was there anything he could do for her.
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Three more scarves!

I got 3 more scarves done for my daughter's fun raiser which will be on May
28th! She will be having a raffle for a Women and Children's Battered Shelter.
If you would like to send her something you made or a donation, you can get
hold of her by email. chyrisa@msn.com
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London Bridges behind us.

A pretty day, full of sun and happy people. I love it here.
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Spring Break in Lake Havaus

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Spring Break has started in Lake Havaus!

It is getting crowded with kids and lots of expensive boats. Who pays for
all this fun..
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