Monday, October 08, 2007

Today is a foggy Monday in the city!

We had a pretty good weekend. Even though we both have colds we are getting better each day.

Saturday I got in the garage sale our neighbor was having sold over $100 of my beading bracelets. People bought for Christmas. I was happy. No luck on my shoes, I cannot believe it. I wonder if I could give them away for free. I was only asking $6 each some are from Italy and Spain and some are new. I don't get it. I even said two for ten and not one sold. I hate to have to keep them. NOT!

I went on craigslist and found some free theater tickets. All it said was that 4 soloist would be performing. Silly me I thought it would be music but they were comics. It was excellent and fun . We took the underground muni and got there and back safe and sound.

The Castro street fair was this weekend. This event is not for everyone. I really liked watching all the crazy people. That was on Sunday only. It was packed with hundreds of people but by 9PM when we returned from the theater the whole place was so clean you would never have know any took place that day. AWESOME!!

The Blue Angels were in town for Fleet Week they are so good. We could see them from our balconey. On Sunday we went to Corona Heights but next year we will go to the marina where you can see it all.

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