Sunday, August 26, 2007

Garage Sales!!! The Whole Town Does It??

I am not at home in SF for a few days. Our son is house sitting while we are in Union City at our friends house until after my doctor appointment.

We were up early and stayed all day. I bought some of the most FABULOUS things.
A oval guilded mirror, lots of stuff for my new garden/backyard I am working on. A new outfit for $1 for my 60th birthday cruise in 08 , 5 additional chairs for my dining room table, a gorgeous 8 x 10 rug for my bedroom in the exact colors I wanted. BUT THE BEST PRIZE OF ALL WAS
16 PAIRS OF BRAND NEW HIGH HEELS. I cannot wait to put it on my blog but I forgot to bring the card reader that I need to upload the pictures. So I will do that on Tuesday or Wednesday when I get home. Sorry!!

We are going today too, Sunday. It is a two day affair. I am having a ball!! I have waited years to be here again at this time of the year.


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Oh my Lord, my feet hurt just thinking about shoving them into sixteen pair of HIGH HEELS! I haven't worn a pair of those in ten years. You must be one who has that perfect little size six narrow foot? But I'd love to be able to have sixteen pair of pretty shoes, they just don't make them in my size! Good for you and . . . enjoy!

JEANNE & JACK said...

Can't wait to see the shoe photo!