Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thank You Mary for this true poem you did for us!

A Poem For Laura & Gordon’s 25th Anniversary

Gordon & Laura are a special pair.
They’ve had lots of love in the life they share.
They met at a party on New Year’s Eve.
Been together since then, would you believe?
Gordon was tall, handsome and smart.
Laura’s no dummy, so she gave him her heart.
Laura had three kids and Gordon had five.
Their blended household was busy as a beehive.
All but one of the kids was a boy,
Now they have eight grandsons to fill them with joy.
Of course, they hit some bumps in the road,
Together they worked, sharing the load.
One of the problems was with alcohol.
Now they’re grateful that they gave up all.
They bought a big house in a very nice place,
San Francisco, a city with grace.
They rented it out and bought some RV’s
They joined a club and became Escapees.
Laura was crafty and bought lots of beads,
The RV was filled with all the colors she needs.
Gordon loved crabbing and fishing and such,
Even when he and the guys didn’t catch much.
They made tons of friends and saw many a sight
Traveling our country filled them with delight.
Now they gave it up to renovate the house,
But their dreams of travel they have not had to douse.
Cause once they sell it they will again hit the road,
In a new RV and pulling a toad.
They will be happy to once again be on their way
To having more adventures, day after day.
Twenty five years together is quite a feat.
But they pulled it off, and that’s pretty neat.
So Laura and Gordon, here’s what we want to say,
On August 11, a celebratory day:
We wish you the best on this very special date,
Cause as a couple we think you’re really great!

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