Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Maggie is going to be fixed soon!

Our insurance man called us today to let us know that the antenna (that broke when we hit a tree) and the radiator will be fixed and paid for by our insurance company. We have Progressive and it has a disappearing deductible. So if you have no accidents the deductible keeps going down. Our deductible was down to $375.00. It will go up to $1000 after this. But we are happy we have it. It paid for the expensive tow job too. Maggie is still for sale.


Barry and Jan said...

hi I want some of that pie, it look so good. we are glad you are enjoy it there. we got some tattoos check it out
love you guys

Anonymous said...

Are you the folks who got the Springers? If so, we have their sister and would like to keep in touch. We are not good with computers but if you want to keep up (hope you do), we can find this page again! Hope to hear from you!M and E in Kentucky