Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My first fruitcake!!!!!!!

My Gordie loves fruitcake so I decided it is time to get busy and make him one. I will say it is cheaper to buy it already made. But like I always say, "where's the love". Hope it turns out, he deserves a good fruit cake.


Larry and Debbie Crutcher said...

You go girl! Let me know how the brick turns out;-} Your girlfriend, Deb

CaliforniaGrammy said...

We love fruitcake too. I used to help a friend make hers because she wasn't strong enough (I think she was in her 80s then) to stir after all the ingredients were in the bowl. And she'd make a batch that would be enough for a dozen or so fruitcakes. She'd start in mid-October, though, so they could soak in a crock with brandy. And, oh-my-gosh, they were to die for. I'm sure yours will be delicious and much appreciated by your Gordie!