Sunday, December 02, 2007

Our Christmas tree is up!

I am so sad that I left all our ornamnets in Pahrump (NV) at our lot there.
I really thought we would be in Pahrump, I NEVER HAD A CLUE WE WOULD BE HERE IN THIS HOUSE THIS CHRISTMAS. So the tree is a bit sparse but I refuse to buy more stuff.

I am getting really excited about all the company we are going to be having soon.

Dorothy and Chuck Adams are coming for a second visit. This is so cool. They are taking us to see Beach Blanket Babylon - this show has been playing here for (we think) over 30 years. It changes all the time and is a must see if you can fit it in. THANKS DOROTHY AND CHUCK!!!

Then my sister Lana and her family will be coming. As soon as I changed the sheets from Dorothy and Chuck, Lana will be here. SO AWESOME!!! I think they are staying a couple of weeks. Lana has really done her homework and she knows what see wants to see and where she wants to go. Lana will be coming with husband Jeff and daughter Mirah.

After that in January Gordon's baby sister is coming. Jeannine, she is one of my favorite people. Always happy she is delightful to be around. She loves to clean, do dishes and cook so can you come early? Jeannine will be here with another two of our favorite relatives, that is Carol and Monte, Gordon's cousins. All we know about there visit is so far they want to go to Napa to see the beautiful wine country.
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CaliforniaGrammy said...

Laura . . . maybe you'll be lucky enough for your guests to see your sparse tree in the blog and each will bring a house-warming-gift ornament for the tree! Merry Christmas and have lots of fun with your friends and family.

ourbusandus said...

I think your tree looks very nice just the way it is.

Hugs, Sharon & Ron